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Mattel Barbie Jumper Tawny Horse with Barbie - Family Store

Mattel Barbie Jumper Tawny Horse with Barbie


Barbie and her palomino, Jumping Tawny, ready for the show ring
Sturdy doll, fully posable limbs
Encourages imaginative play; overall good design

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Jumping Tawny Horse and Barbie are ready to train, compete and win Best In Show!

Waiting for their turn in the jumping competition, Barbie and her Palomino friend Tawny are in top shape for the show ring! Sporting a stylish pink animal print helmet that matches Tawny’s saddle blanket, Barbie is sleekly athletic and shapely in her white satin riding pants. This is an ideal toy for the equestrian-loving preteen girl.

The Tawny set comes complete with jumping fence. View larger.

Barbie naturally leans forward in the saddle and is fully posable. View larger.

In Shape and Ready to Win
Taking a look spry and athletic, this Barbie doll features fully posable limbs constructed of hard plastic. The doll’s body has a full range of movement. When the horse “trots,” it looks as if Barbie is posting; when preparing for a jump and the horse’s limbs are fully extended, Barbie naturally leans forward in the saddle. Even the doll’s head moves in subtle angles: Canted at a coy, 45-degree angle, it looks as if she’s entreating the judges for points.

Designed for Robust Play
In general, the design and construction of the doll is excellent. She has an up to date look and wardrobe and she is sturdy enough to resist robust play. A minor problem is that Barbie’s boots tend to slip off and don’t fit well into the stirrups. Tawny has a couple of more design quirks. On account of the way the horse moves, the limbs wish to be loose. Alternatively, the horse’s legs seem lightly constructed in comparison to its heavier middle. Once the blanket, saddle, and wreath of roses are in place, the horse must be held firmly or it tends to drop into a “downward dog” yoga pose. All accessories are sturdy and well made with the exception of for the fence posts, which are a bit too easily knocked off.

A Pony Ride to Imagination
In this era of high-tech toys, the Barbie and Tawny are sweetly refreshing, the way toys are meant to be. They engage a child in imaginative and interactive play instead of simply providing passive entertainment. What is beautiful and realistic about their play is how well in-sync the horse and rider are in their trot. Trotting the horse is achieved by pulling the horse’s legs halfway back (no battery power is needed), and then manually manipulating the toy. For the girl who is moving Barbie and Tawny around the imaginary show ring and making the story up as she goes along, no batteries are required. Alternatively, Barbie’s horse comes with a battery pack that folds his front legs into a jump position, and allows him to voice his delight by neighing. At the same time as this is all good fun, Barbie and Tawny are almost better off without the battery power. Manually trotting the horse around the ring is just as fun, and the sound quality of the horse’s neighing doesn’t sound enough like a horse. Your little girl will enjoy creating the sounds herself as she spends hours with her new friends.


  • Attractive, well-constructed doll
  • Encourages interactive play
  • Doll has excellent range of motion
  • Realistic-Taking a look riding movements


  • Horse is a bit unsteady
  • “Jumping” is accomplished by lifting the horse
  • Jump position and voice are just as much fun to create without batteries
  • Fence poles are too easy to knock off

What’s in the Box
Doll and horse, jumping fence, saddle, six ribbons, tack brush, trophy.

Barbie and her palomino, Jumping Tawny, ready for the show ring
Sturdy doll, fully posable limbs
Encourages imaginative play; overall good design
Includes doll, horse, accessories
Ideal for ages 6 and older
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