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Doctor Rubber Duckies - Family Store

Doctor Rubber Duckies


2″ long, 2″ wide and 2 1/2″ tall
Duckies will always float on their sides
Made of rubber

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The Dr. is in with these fun doctor rubber ducks. The doctor rubber ducks are a great alternative to a traditional rubber duck. Never held a Duck Race Fundraiser before? Don’t worry it’s an easy and great fundraiser for any event. Start by purchasing your duck race ducks and then number each ducky. “Sell” each duck to the duck race fundraiser participants. You don’t in truth give the ducks to the participants, but keep track of whoever bought each duck (the cause of numbering the ducks) Then when it is time for your duck river race, dump the entire ducks into the river and let the duckies race to the finish line. Once the duckys reach the finish award the first duck or first few ducks to cross the finish line. With our huge selection of themed rubber ducks, we surely have the right racing ducks for your duck race fundraiser.

An even more simple alternative to a duck river race is the duck pond game. Again number each duckie and simply place them into an inflatable pool or larger water container. Have the guests select a duckie and then they win the prize associated with the number. It is a great game for kid’s parties or younger children’s themed events. For the big kid in all of us make this game more challenging –buy a considerable amount of ducks and only number 2 or 3, this way you’ll be able to give away only 2 or 3 larger prizes. It is a great game to have at a duck river race. Charge each guest depending on the value of your prizes, for one chance to pull the winning ducky. We recommend having multiple prize on the off chance that the right kind duck gets drawn quickly, this way you’ll be able to continue the duck pond game for a longer time. All of our rubber ducks are also great bathtub rubber duckies for your kids.
2″ long, 2″ wide and 2 1/2″ tall
Duckies will all the time waft on their sides
Made of rubber
These ducks do not squeak
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