Soy, Vanilla, Powder, 25# Bulk

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Mix to Taste That’s the wonderful thing about Better Than Milk, the more mix you add, the ricehr the flavor. Start with tepid water, add the mix, and blend for 30 seconds. Shake well before serving to reconstitute sediment. Makes a delicious smoothie with your selection of flavorings, nuts and a frozen banana. Low fat. Lactose free. Cholesterol free. Caseinate free. Gluten free. GMO-Free. Makes 7 quarts. In comparison to liquid soy products, Better Than Milk Soy Beverage Mix: Costs up to 30% less per quart. Mixes to your preferred consistency and taste. Makes as little or up to you want at a time, so it is at all times fresh. Reduces packaging since you get seven quarts in one container as an alternative of seven containers. Saves landfill space since this container is reusable. Goes anywhere you go because the container requires no refrigeration. Here are some mixing suggestions: 8 oz. 2-3/4 Tbsp. 1 qt. 2/3 Cup 1/2 Gal. 1 1/3 Cups Makes a delicious creamer when water is reduced by half.